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Rachael Cresci, LCSW is a lecturer in the Department of Social Work at California State University East Bay and has over ten years of experience providing clinical supervision, training and exam prep to MSWs, Phd, PsyD, MFT and social work students in a multiple settings. She is located in the San Francisco Bay Area for in-person sessions and provides video conferencing via Skype for anyone outside of the area.

     * Masters in Social Work. San Jose State University,
     * Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley,

     * Licensed Clinical Social Worker, March 2005
     * Masters Level Crisis Prevention Certified Trainer,
        August 2006

     * Fluent Spanish

     * Lecturer, California State University, East Bay, CA
        1/2006 to present

          * Human Behavior and Social Environment I  & II
          * Generalist Practice I , II, II
          * Field Instruction I , II, III, IV, V, VI
          * Community Mental Health Seminar
          * Advanced Micro Practice: Community Mental Health      
          * Advanced Mezzo Practice:Community Mental Health
          * Legal Issues in Social Work Practice
          * Human Sexuality and Social Work
          * Advanced Psychosocial Assessment and Diagnosis    
          * Program Evaluation

     * MSW Internship Coordinator for Children's Hospital
        and Research Center at Oakland

     * Over 3 years Consultation and Clinical Supervision for
        ASW Medical Social Workers

     * Over 10 years experience in emergency psychiatric
        assessment, crisis intervention, child abuse
        assessment and medical social work

     * Over 6 years experience as a child welfare worker in
        Napa County, Contra Costa County and Alameda
        County in Emergency Response, Continuing Services
        and Permanency Planning

     * Independent consultant and supervision in crisis
        management and training