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Rachael Cresci, LCSW is a keyplayer in the Alameda County’s Crisis Intervention Training course hosted by the Oakland Police Department. 

As the Mental Health Liaison, I rely on Rachael’s expertise and advise when the course was being developed as well as ongoing analysis.

Rachael is not just an instructor, educating law enforcement about mental illness; she generously gives her time to work with a colleague to evaluate the CIT course.

Her instruction lays the ground work for the other instructors to build a greater understanding of mental health and crisis situations. 

I appreciate her efforts in educating and de-stigmatizing mental illness to officers who face these incidents weekly and may also be silently suffering themselves. 

-Officer Doria Neff, Oakland Police Department; Mental Health Liaison

I decided to work with Rachael to help me with my LCSW exam prep after I did not pass the 2nd exam (the vignette portion).  I had already used Bay Area Training Institute and ATABS study material, but did not think it was helpful enough.  Rachael assisted me in having a better understanding of the material and the test by talking to me about how what I was studying applied to real world applications.  She sat with me and helped me identify where I was getting stuck and gave me practical advice on how to approach the questions differently.  She also gave me some great advice and training on how to stay focused and relaxed during the test.  I went into the exam feeling a lot calmer and better prepared.  I passed it and called her right away.  I would highly recommend her to help prepare for your licencing exam.  -Peter Binnings LCSW Seneca Center. 

Rachael Cresci is an experienced and knowledgeable presenter.The training she conducted for our agency on Working with Hostile and Abusive Clients was educational and engaging. It provided our clinical staff the information and tools necessary to understand and de-escalate difficult situations with clients.  -Rob Tufel, Director of Adult Services at Jewish Family & Children's Services of the East Bay