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Supervisees should be excited and eager to discuss their work and build their skill set.  My goal in providing clinical supervision is to create a safe and secure environment where you can discuss all aspects of your practice and the impact this has on your work:

     * Provide clinical supervision that is appropriate for your
        professional needs.
     * Acquire in-depth understanding of current evidence-based
        practice and its application to your clients.
     * Integration of theory and practice.
     * Increase multicultural counseling skills and provide culturally
        competent services.
     * Meet the requirements of professional ethics and state and
        federal laws and rules.
     * Improve time management, documentation, and strategies
        to work collaboratively with other professionals.
     * Schedule regular supervisory sessions and be available
        for emergencies.
     * Help you to effectively manage transference and
        countertransference and professional boundary issues
        where indicated.
     * Enhance self-care.

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